Term & Condition

All bands are tailored and custom made to each individual order. It is customers responsibility to select the correct type of hearing aid and head measurements. Refunds will not be given as result of any incorrect selection or information provided. 


It is the customers responsibility to select the correct type of postage to ensure its safe delivery. Malinka does not take responsibility for the loss or damage of items in transit.


It is the customers responsibly to collect any missed delivery from Post Office before it is being returned undelivered. Malinka will not incur the additional cost of resending any item as a result. Refunds will not be provided as result of failure to collected a missed delivery.

Non Standard Orders

All orders that require non standard measurements, features and attachments that are in any way different to the designs for sale on this website will be subject to an additional charge. Due to the bespoke nature of the bands the exact nature of this should be discussed with us prior to placing the order so that an estimate for its inclusion can be provided. If late noticed is provide so that the band has already been made then a refund will not be available for the cancellation as a result of additional change for the changes requested.

BHM Contact Mini/Alice Band

Please note that Malinka bands are not supplied with the plastic insert as provided on the standard manufacturers band for the BHM hearing aid

Please note that Malinka hearing aid bands are not compatible with Alice Band types (rigid hearing aid bands that have the aids permanently connected to)

Refunds Policy

Refunds are accepted but only on the return of the item (this excludes multiple band purchases). Also the price of postage is excluded.

Refunds will not be provided if there have been any alterations to the hairband by the customer.

Legal Terms

Malinka Hearing Aid Bands are specialist products that have been designed solely for use to support the function of bone conduction hearing aids and are only for the auditory training of deaf children and disabled people. 

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