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Inspiration can often take you by surprise during a time in your life when you least expect it. In December 2015 my family was blessed with the birth of my beautiful daughter Malina. She has Down’s syndrome. During the first year of her life she experienced many challenges, several of which most adults would struggle to overcome, though her sheer strength of character and determination has seen her exceed everyone’s expectations, meeting every new challenge with an infectious smile that lifts my spirit like nothing else I have experienced.


She has become my inspiration.  Not only to do everything in my ability to ensure she gets the best possible start to her life. But also to reconnect with my creative past that saw me put on hold my artistic aspirations to start a family.


Malina’s hair has grown very slowly and as a result I became fascinated by using hair bands to emphasise her natural beauty. However I felt a little disappointed by what was available to buy and soon wanted to create my own range that were more suited to her individual character.


I feel strongly that every child deserves something special and unique that reflects their beauty and character. I have therefore developed individual hair bands that I carefully hand craft by selecting complementary materials, colours and buttons to produce a modern yet feminine hair accessory. I aspire to create every one special and unique, just like my little girl….

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